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Today! Narrow Apple is Presenting: The Best Cases for iPhone Se 2020

But Before this, We want to tell you something special about a New Apple iPhone Se.

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As we all know that Apple officially launched his Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro max on 20th September 2019 that was such an incredible iPhone series offered by Apple Inc.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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But What about this Apple iPhone Se?

This iPhone comes with the A13 Bionic chip which is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro has at an affordable price of just in $399

Well, Price is very competitive in the global market.

Tell me in the comments what you think?

Is the Price is worth for this Apple iPhone Se?

Apple Says that They Put the brain of the Apple iPhone 11 pro in the slim body of New Apple iPhone Se.

Apple iPhone SE A13 Bionic Chip

And Another aspect of Apple iPhone SE is It has the Same Size, Body, Slimness as the Apple iPhone 8 means Both are looking the same.

Apple has only changed the position of its Back Apple logo to the center & also Some sort of changes in hardware.

Therefore, iPhone SE Users will feel the new look of Apple iPhone Se.

Explore more about the New Apple iPhone SE.

Narrow Apple Cares of their audience & their success

So, Hurry Up Check out the Best Deals of Apple iPhone Se See Now.

So What?

Almost You have spent $399 & Got your Brand New Apple iPhone SE in hand & worried about his protection as it seems to be very delicate.

Well, Congrats: For Your Apple iPhone Se.

But Narrow Apple’s Visitors don’t need to get worried about their Phone’s Protection, Physical Security & Stability.

We are here for our visitors & We Promise with our visitants for the quality of products that we list on our blog.

And Now Narrow Apple Take the Responsibility to Safeguard your iPhone Se.

Our Environment is downplaying Mobile Phone Case usage. Many people hated Mobile Phone CasesScreen Protectors, & Covers. As a result, their Mobile Phone’s will get cracked or broken.

You Know? November 2018 reports states that “5,761 Mobile Phones Screens broken every hourLearn More

Mobile Phone Cases will save your money as well, So don’t hate Mobile Phone Cases

So, You want to protect your iPhone SE from dust, unexpected damages, & drop protections?

A perfect iPhone SE case will add that little bit of extra defense against drops and scrapes, and add extra style to help your iPhone Se stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, You already have a lot of good case options to choose from, & We Have Shortlist some of the Best Apple iPhone Se cases preserve with dust, dirt & germs.

Here’s is a tip:

If You have an old iPhone 8 OR iPhone 7 Case, then You can pull the case off & It will work fine on the New iPhone Se.

But as we discussed above that Apple has changed the position of their Back Apple Logo & positioned it to center. Overall, Some issues will come.

I would suggest that you should buy a new iPhone SE 2020 Cover.

Likewise, Narrow Apple Split Cases list into different Categories Based on Customer Reviews like Company wiseAppearance WiseExtra Protection, and High-Rated.

Company Wise Cases:

The Top Branded Cases like Spigen, OtterBox, Case-Mate, Speck, Ringke, Poetic, Urban Armor Gear & other famous brands that are working for a long time in the Industry of Mobile Phone Accessories.

Appearance Wise Cases:

Narrow Apple puts few cases in the Category of Appearance Because of their Attraction & Shining

These cases will add extra style, provide a shiny look, and will help to look more pretty.

The Main aim of these Cases Companies is to Manufacture good looking cases & forward some extra protection.

Extra Protection Cases:

In this Category Some of the cases comes with the Extra Protection, they also known as Apple iPhone SE protective cases.

Because They defend your phone from unexpected damages, scratches With High Drop Protection.

Manufactures of these Cases add extra layers & Extra Protective Material to Provide The High Physical Security.

Some of them are little bit expensive than the traditional ones.

High Rated Cases:

Customers Would 100% Rate a Product When It fulfills the requirements of the Customer & Vice Versa

These Cases have a high rating on Amazon because of their Multi Performance.

The Cases provide an Eye-Catching look, Highly protective layers & loved by most buyers.

So, Which iPhone SE cases amazon are you going to use?

I would suggest the case that best suits your needs & fulfill your requirements.

Now it’s your turn!

Now in short, Choose the best case for iPhone SE 2020 from the recommended cases below:

1 TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone SE Case 2020

TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone SE Case [2020]
Reasons to Suggest:
  • Full Protective & Anti-Scratch Phone Case
  • Gives your iPhone an excellent grip
  • Hard Plastic but very flexible
  • Easy to install and take off
  • 18-month warranty & friendly customer service
  • Has 4 Different Colors
  • Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 8 & Brand New Apple iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

Some Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Anti Fingerprint
  • Secure Grip
  • Anti Scratch

The TORRAS Slim Fit Case provides you the Silky Feel.

It contains a flexible hard plastic which can defend the power on/off button on your iPhone & You feel comfortable when you touch it

It is very lightweight (0.5mm) incredibly thin & light, It seems there is nothing in your hand, But It keeps your phone protected from dust, dirt, sand, scratches & gives you a secure grip.

TORRAS Slim Fit Apple iPhone SE 2020 Case Amazon Customer Review

2 TORRAS Crystal Clear iPhone SE Case 2020

TORRAS Crystal Clear iPhone SE 2020 Case
Reasons to Suggest:
  • Enhanced X-Shock Drop Protection
  • Slim Fit & Heavy Duty Protection
  • Designed for Simplicity, intuition & your iPhone Protection
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Multiple Variants are available With Minor Price Difference.
  • Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 8 & Brand New Apple iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

TORRAS Crystal Clear is a positively viral case in the global market as it has “Amazons Best Choice” Tag on Amazon Store.

If you have a low budget and want to make your iPhone SE more secure with the X-SHOCK Patented technology, Unwantedly When Your iPhone drops DON’T’ WORRY The Protective case using cushioned air corner will absorb 80% of the shock.

For the Appearance users, The TORRAS case has a crystal clear back design to conserve the natural look of your Apple iPhone SE

The Back Design will fully showcase the beautiful color of your Apple iPhone SE without obscure, fit smoothly & add zero weight.

If you Compare with other clear cases, TORRAS Crystal Clear can keep clarity more time due to Bayer (Germany) non-yellow materials.

Hold your phone steady with Soft TPU Material & Rubberized grip.

So, Overall Case a lot of PROS, Hurry up Click the below button to buy it NOW at just $13.99

TORRAS Crystal Clear iPhone SE Case Amazon Customer Review

3 TORRAS Diamonds Clear Apple iPhone SE 2020 Case

TORRAS Diamonds Clear iPhone SE 2020 Case
Reasons to Suggest:
  • Lightweight & Ultra-Thin (Only 0.05-inch thick)
  • Long-lasting Clarity & Scratch-Resistant
  • Compatible with iPhone 7 & iPhone 8
  • Comes With HD Clear Color on Back
  • Available on Amazon at Discounted Price in just $15.99

The Case is perfectly designed with 100% Ultra Clear color when you put it on your iPhone SE it fully shows the original beauty of your new Apple iPhone SE.

Provides Very Slimy look & thin Profile No add extra bulk on your Apple iPhone SE.

The problem occurs when the smartphone has become your attached close friend it will ruin your health badly, but, The TORRAS case uses the Germany, Bayer Material with SGS certificate ensures that this is 100% anti-yellowing which protects your health.

With Strong Military Grade Protection TORRAS, Unique X-Shock patent on 4 corners & Hybrid structure which increases the shockproof performance up to 200%

Accidentally, You slip your iPhone on the floor don’t worry It defends your iPhone SE with 100% safety from all angles, even at a height of 6 feet & ensures the extra protection of screen and camera. 

TORRAS is confident in product quality provides [365 Days Warranty] Your purchase will surely go pleasant, no-hassle return policy. 

TORRAS Diamonds Clear iPhone SE 2020 Case Amazon Customer Review

4 OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for Apple iPhone SE

Reasons to Recommend: 

For the users who want extra protection for their Apple iPhone SE Otterbox SYMMETRY SERIES is the best choice for them because it provides Dual-material construction with the use of Polycarbonate, Synthetic Rubber material which absorbs shock and withstands drops, plus raised beveled edge keeps your touchscreen smooth & safe.

If you have your old iPhone 7 Or iPhone 8 Otterbox perfectly fits on both of your old iPhones with ease of installation.

Furthermore, The OtterBox Symmetry Series also provides the extra look to your Apple iPhone Se with a smooth, stylish pocket-friendly design with wraparound colors & graphics, adds seamless style.

Compared to Other iPhone SE cases. Otterbox Symmetry Series comes with iPhone SE 2020 case with a screen protector.

The Price is only $27.95 with 100% Authentic Otterbox limited lifetime warranty Hurry Up grab the deal Now!

OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for Apple iPhone SE Amazon Customer Review

5 Spigen Ultra Hybrid [2nd Generation] for Apple iPhone SE 2020

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Apple iPhone SE
Reasons to Recommend:

Air Cushion Technology: Small air-pocket absorbs shocks and moderates the scratches

Supports Wireless Charging: Battery Low⚠ Need Power? Don’t need to put off charge on with the case

Precise Cutouts: Are you one of them who face the issue in accessing charging port, after the case applied on a Phone?

Therefore, Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case provides accurate cutouts to make easy access to the charging port.

Make it your own: You Bought the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case This is yours now So, Personalize it in your preferences.

Ultra Hybrid: Simple-Design, Protective enough While Maintaining the original beauty of your Apple iPhone SE 2020 No add extra bulky only add a bit of personal touch.

There are Five Unique Colors Available. Buy It Now. It will cost you only $14.29 at a Discounted price.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone SE 2020 Case [2nd Generation] Amazon Customer Review

6 Spigen Slim Armor CS Case for Apple iPhone SE 2020

Spigen Slim Armor Case For Apple iPhone SE
Reasons to Recommend:

Slim Armor CS: Very Slim with Minimal added depth with two Cards No Need of a wallet in the future. However, you can keep your Debit/Credit cards on the back.

Build Quality: Spigen Guarantee on the quality of their Case It writes that “We constructed with the highest grade of material”

Privacy Control: From the reference above Don’t Worry about the material that you put on the back, Spigen contains Secure closure closest it & your cards will hide from everyone. (That is Great!)

Real Protection:  If you drop your iPhone unwantedly, Spigen will defend your Apple iPhone SE with his Dual Layers + Air Cushion Technology which will save your Apple iPhone SE more than you only expect.

Don’t need to worry about surface scratches Spigen lifted the Screen & Camera to prevent surface scratches.

One Screenshot From Product Page About Amazon Customer Review

Overall, The Case is Nice only trying once Buy it Now at just $16.01

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Apple iPhone SE 2020 Case Amazon Customer Review

7 OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPhone SE (2nd Generation)


Frustration-Free Packaging – BLACK

Is OtterBox Defender Series will meet your expectations?

Let’s look at some of its features below.

Protection: Grants the Strong Stability. Therefore, Gives full support to your device & protects it from drops, dust & cyclic adventures.

Now Protect your Apple iPhone SE 2020 from the exploits and misfortunes that come your way in your daily life as you work hard-play hard with the fabulous security of Otterbox Defender Series Screenless Edition.

Material: PolyCarbonate uses Designed for Real Life The Series combines sturdy layers to shield the iPhone SE from the sharpest drops, scratches, cracks, sand, and dirt. 

Built Purpose: Deliver Rugged Protection. In addition keep your newly bought iPhone SE 2020 (Second Generation) saves against daily wear-tear and Rugged Adventures.

Ready For Action: With the Combo belt-clip holster/kickstand your Apple iPhone SE is ready to take action against the dust and dirt.

You will feel impressed when you see your Apple iPhone SE in Eye-Catching Black Color and With Black Pattern.

Almost 18000 Plus Reviews on Amazon

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPhone SE Amazon Customer Review

Just Try Once Buy Now OtterBox will not disappoint you. 

8 JETech Case for Apple iPhone SE 2020

JETech Case for Apple iPhone SE 2020
Reasons to Buy:

Compatibility: With iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone SE Second Generation (2020 Edition)

If you have an old iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 and you don’t have a budget to Buy New Apple iPhone SE, But you can spend only $9.99 to buy a JETech Case that is also compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It Fits perfectly.

Customer Rating: 80% of Buying Person gives 5 Stars, 11% 4 Stars, 4% 3 Star, and the only 5% reviews in 2 and 1 Star.

JETech Case for iPhone SE 2020 Amazon Customer Review

Design Material: Made with PC and TPU, Slim design, Ultra-thin, and scratch-hard gives extra support to the back to prevent unwanted scratches. 

Raised Bezels: Offer Buffer protection to the entire screen and camera. Particularly, Defend your iPhone SE screen against unwanted fingerprints, dust, dirt, and cuts.

Shock-Absorption: Uniquely design four corners which effectively absorb shocks.

Accessibility & Design: Easy access to all the controls Easily put & takeoff; Perfect cutouts for Speakers, Camera, and other ports.

Package Includes Apple iPhone SE/7/8 case and One Customer Service Card with just $9.99.

9 TEAM LUXURY iPhone SE 2020 Case

TEAM LUXURY iPhone SE 2020 Case
Reasons to Buy:

Raised Lip Protection: Helps to defend the screen and camera against scratches from direct surface contact. Soft TPU lifts your screen off, keeping the display clean and scratch-free.

Installation: Easy to Install! The Bottom Material is made of liquid silicone, giving it easy to install. You can effortlessly insert the case from below.

Better Grip: It contains a textured reinforced outer layer that gives your iPhone a more solid grip while you hold it.

Screen Protection: It includes a lay-on-table design, sloped edges are higher than the screen level to preserve your screen from shocks & cuts.

Compatibility: If you haven’t a New Apple iPhone SE 2020 and you don’t have enough budget to Buy it Now. Don’t worry; You can buy it later when you have enough money.

You fall in love with this case, and you don’t want to miss it?

The Best thing is You can also use this case on your old iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, it perfectly fits.

TEAM LUXURY iPhone SE 2020 Case compatible with different iPhones image

Take Compatibility Image from the Product page.

Less Price: If you able to see the features it has you will feel the ZERO price It is only in $12.99

Don’t Miss Buy it Now!

TEAM LUXURY iPhone SE 2020 Case Amazon Customer Review

10 Anuck Best iPhone SE Case – Non-slip Liquid silicone

Anuck iPhone SE 2020 Case
Reasons to Buy:

Design: Made with high-quality rubber silicone material, Gives Anti-Slip texture which prevents your iPhone slipping out of your hand, or off the table, you feel very soft when you touch it and provides a solid grip when holding it.

Protection & Stability: Highlighting enough lifted edges to elevate screen and the camera off the flat surface to protect the front screen and back camera from smashing or damage; Inside The Case is filled with soft microfiber material, which will help you to keep the back of your iPhone scratch-free. 

Unlike other silicone cases, This iPhone SE silicone case is comprised of the whole bottom of your phone and furnishes your iPhone with a full-body around protection.

Fitting & Compatibility: It contains precise and clear cutouts for all Buttons, Speakers & Ports. So Then, the case will perfectly fit with your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and Apple iPhone SE 2020 Edition.

Lightweight: No added extra bulk fits snugly without adding additional weight.

Drop Protection: It uses High-grade rubber silicone cushion with stands which defend against most drops and shocks.

The Case comes with the only $10.99 of the price tag, which is quite a low price, So, Hurry up! Buy it now.

Anuck Apple iPhone SE Case Amazon Customer Review


Narrow Apple personally reviews so many iPhone SE cases 2020, And We are only recommending you these cases in a list form.

And now it is your time to tell us what case we missed to mention in this list?

Narrow Apple will review your suggested case.

If it is the right product for the Buyers, we will update it very soon.

Would you please give us any suggestions or feedback? If you have!

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What are the best iPhone SE cases?

Narrow Apple Shortlist these top brand iPhone SE cases that are recommended by every shopkeeper, whether it is an online or an offline market you can buy the one that perfectly fits your needs and fulfills your requirements.

What cases will fit an iPhone SE?

All iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 cases will perfectly fit on New Apple iPhone SE [2nd Generation].

Will an iPhone 5c case work for an iPhone SE?

No, iPhone 5s is 0.7 inches smaller than iPhone SE So, therefore the iPhone 5s case will not the same size as iPhone SE Hence you have to buy New case for your New Apple iPhone SE. 

What is Otterbox drop protection?

According to Otterbox “OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection is the seal of engineered confidence that demonstrates OtterBox case designs undergo a myriad of tests to provide lasting, trusted protection from drops, bumps, scratches, and dings”. Learn More

Will an iPhone 6 case fit an SE?

Yes, iPhone 6 case will work fine on the New Apple iPhone SE Both iPhones has the same 4.7 inches size.

Is iPhone SE worth buying?

Yes, But for those looking for a new budget phone It only costs $399 and with that price it offers stable performance, Better Photos, and the latest A13 Bionic chip which is the same as iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone SE is a perfect phone 100% Recommended to you. But please away from this iPhone those who expect a lot of features from the iPhone SE.

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